Agecroft Colliery

An excerpt from the book - The Last Pit in the Valley by Paul Kelly - Available to buy from the IVMP store
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Agecroft Colliery stands no more. This coal mine has disappeared from the skyline of Salford.

The former collieries winding wheels, which were enclosed in concrete towers reached a height of 200 feet and covered the number 4 and number 5 shafts. The towers were demolished using explosives in January 1991. The towers which had stood for over 30 years disappeared in seconds.

This signified the end of deep coal mining in the Irwell Valley which had lasted for about 250 years. The colliery buildings were bulldozed and flattened into history. The site was cleared in months without ceremony, to be replaced by warehouses and offices and the area renamed The Agecroft Commercial Park.

No monuments or memorials were erected to the memory of the coal miners who worked at the pit, many of whom paid the ultimate price. All their work and sacrifice was forgotten.

I wrote this book with the hope that it will educate, enlighten and remind people that not so very long ago this area had a thriving mining community. A community that took great pride in the coal mining industry and the work it provided. I hope to remind readers that it was coal which was the source of energy that powered the industrial revolution and made this country great.

This book is dedicated to all the men, women, boys and girls who toiled in the coal mining industry and worked to bring light and warmth for all. Our pits and our way of life may be gone but our memories live on

Paul Kelly, former miner at Agecroft Colliery, 1978-1990

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Projects and news updates

Memorial Garden

Irwell valley mining project are happy to announce the is now a small garden in front of the monument stone, we would like to invite everyone to place there own memorial. We ask that you only plant a small plant or shrub so to save room for other. The Memorial is regularly maintained by IVMP and also members of the local community.

Coal mining exhibition

The Last Pit in the valley Exhibition Saturday 21st - 28th September 2013 at St Augustine's church (the miners cathedral), Bolton Road. There was an array of memorabilia, photographs, fossils, videos and even a short play. This much loved exhibition brought generations together under the same roof a chance to learn about what seems to be a forgotten heritage right beneath our feet, Paul Kelly former miner and son of a miner also released a book relating to his personal accounts as a miner.

Release of "The Last Pit in the Valley" book

The last pit is in valley is an unique educational guide to coal mining, written by former miner Paul Kelly. The book is centred around Agecroft colliery, it will educate and remind people of a once thriving mining community in the Irwell valley and the struggle and strife that men women and children alike came across during this era. Paul is a member of the Irwell valley mining project which has recently erected a stone monument at the entrance of Agecroft colliery, and has requested that all proceeds from the book, go back into the project.