Workers memorial day
The Irwell valley mining projects workers memorial day will take place at 1pm on Saturday the 23rd of April 2016. We will be meeting at the Agecroft colliery memorial to acknowledge the debt we owe to all workers who died or were seriously injured in the coal industry. Hope to see you all there!!

Durham Miners Gala
This years Gala will be on the 9th July 2016. Hope to see you all there !!

Britain last deep coal mine !!

Britains last deep coal mine ceased production Kellingley colliery, Yorkshire on the 18 December 2015. A march and rally was held on Saturday the 19th of December from Knottingley town hall to the Kellingley colliery miners welfare over 3000 people attended.

The closure of our last pit completes the conservative regimes onslaught against the national union of mineworkers, coal miners of Britain and the wrecking of communities in the coal fields. Many have never recovered from pit closures caused by the Thatcher gangs industrial destruction of the countries coal industry

The closure of our last pit does not mean coal is not being used in the UK, to power the country over 50 million tons of coal is being imported when we have hundreds of years coal reserves beneath our feet. A point not lost on the miners who have just been thrown on the dole when a coal train roared past the rally heading to Ferrybridge coal fired power station with a load of imported coal.

"IF THE LIGHTS GO OUT DON'T BLAME US" was a message on one of the flag.

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Clifton Hall Colliery Monument
The IVMP team would like to thank everyone who attended the unveiling at the former colliery site on Lums Lane, It was a fantastic day. The site of the tragic explosion of June 1885 is now marked and commemorates the great loss of life which occurred and devastated the whole community. A special thanks to all our speakers for there fine contributions Billy Kelly Lancashire president of the national union of mineworkers and Rebecca Long Bailey M.P. Also a thank you to George Tapp, Ivor Kelly, Adeeb Ahmed, and Gail Skelly of Ordsall community arts. To the children who planted the flowers in the memorial garden. You all made it a veryspecial day. In the near future we will be putting up a noticeboard with the names of all the victims who perished, so future generations will know of the devastation which took place at the site all those years ago.

Sorry! No bench or seating at the memorial

The IVMP team would like to inform any visitors to the memorial garden the reason we could not provide a bench or seating area at the site. We did intend to locate a bench near the monument, however, during the initial planning stage our idea was opposed by some businesses on the Agecroft Trading Estate and by local residents who were worried that a seating area would become a focal point for anti-social behaviour. We were told a bench had to be removed previously because people had gathered to drink alcohol, leaving rubbish and making noise. The local police informed the IVMP not to place any seating or bench at the site as they would not allow it. Obviously in the face of such objections and the reasons for, we are obliged to respect the wishes of the local community in this matter.

Just a few words of appreciation !!

St Augustine's church and the IVMP team would like to thank Ann Tapp for her wonderful restoration work on the Clifton Hall colliery disaster monument and the maintenance of the garden. Also a big thank you to the children of St Augustine's primary school who help us to build the garden.

Special thanks
The IVMP team would like to send a special thank you to Alan Heward, who has kindly donated a fantastic NCB brochure to the project, We will be featuring this fantastic new piece in all our up coming exhibitions. The brochure is from Agecroft 1969 it contains surface and underground plans including the faces being worked or prospected at that time (Worsley 4', Binn, Roger and Rams), also S-N geological cross section showing the dip of the seam.

Unveiling of Clifton Hall Colliery memorial garden and monument

Clifton Hall Colliery was in production from 1838 - 1929 the monument and memorial garden will remember the great disaster of 1885 and remember the coal miners killed and injured at the pit.

On the morning of June the 18th 1885 at 9.20 AM a terrible explosion occurred in the Trencherbone mine at Clifton Hall Colliery, The explosion led to the deaths of 178 men and boys. The youngest boys were Charles Leonard Barter and Robert Worral both aged just 13, the oldest coal miner was Ralph Daniels, aged 65. The mine was connected to Agecroft Colliery which lay Just 800 yards away by an underground tunnel in the doe mine seam. This was very fortunate for the Clifton Hall miners the two shafts had been badly damaged in the explosion and were out of use. Many men were rescued by going through this tunnel and escaping from the Agecroft shafts number 1 and 2. Which were located next to the present day Agecroft Colliery monument.

A monument to the tragedy is already situated in the grounds of St Augustine's church, where 64 victims are buried in a mass grave.
The new monument and memorial garden will be above the scene of the disaster on the former colliery site.

Moston Colliery Memorial Garden

Moston colliery was situated on St Marys road, Moston. The pit was connected to the Manchester Rochdale railwayline. The coal mine was in production from 1844 -1950, the site is now occupied by the miners housing estate which was built by theNational Union of Mineworkers for colliers who hadworked at the pit. All that remains of the colliery buildings are the bath house and former lamp room, built in 1931 the building was in a bad state of neglect after years of closure. Five years ago Lou Beckett a local artist with help from friends and family set about repairing the former bath house. The building is now home to the miners community arts and music centre. Lou has done a fantastic job saving the building and preserving a unique historical piece of our mining heritage for the future. Lou wishes to build a memorial garden to commemorate the former coal mine and all who toiled at the pit the many miners who died and the injured who lives were cut short from pit work.
There will be a fundraiser on 11th April in order to hlp raise money to create the garden, please see our events page or for more information.

Durham Miners Gala

Durham miners gala, Saturday 12th July 2014, Irwell Valley mining project were all there and what a day it was. The sunshine smiled on a proud parade of the North’s heritage as the 130th Durham Miners’ Gala was hailed a triumph. As thousands lined the streets as community stalwarts marched colourful banners down the city’s Old Elvet to the sound of brass bands and bagpipes.
This year’s event marked 30 years since the miners’ strike and, according to organisers, attracted the largest crowd since that fateful year.