Summer fair at St Augustine's Church.

Saturday the 5th July, 11 am The St Augustine's summer fair Bolton Road, Pendlebury. The Irwell Valley Mining Project had a stall, with copies of the new book available. Great to see so many familiar faces thanks to all who came.

New edition "the Last Pit in the Valley" released.

We have released the new edition of "The Last Pit in The Valley" book, written by former miner Paul Kelly. This book is a history of Agecroft colliery and the pits of Irwell valley. The books was released on the 20th June at the Moston miners community arts and music centre. There is food and refreshments and an excellent turn out, thanks to everyone who came to support us. The book is available to purchase, It can be bought through paypal via the site alternatively the book can be picked up from The Saffron restaurant, The old town hall Cheetam Hill Road.

Unveiling of the Agecroft Colliery monument

In July 2013 around two hundred people including former miners and there families came to see the unveiling of a stone monument dedicated to Agecroft miners. Irwell Valley mining project built this beautiful commemoration with the help of St Augustine's Primary school and Salford City College apprentices. The Monument is situated at the former Agecroft pit entrance on Agecroft Road, Swinton. The engraving on the stone reads as follows:
"this monument is dedicated to the coal miners of the Agecroft colliery and to all the men, women, boys and girls who toiled in the collieries of the Irwell valley
Remember all those who lost their lives below the ground on which you stand.
Before the unveiling of the monument there was a few minute silence as Besses O' th' Barn brass band played 'The Miners Hymn' .

Memorial Day service

Finally we have been able to celebrate workers memorial day at former Agecroft collieries new memorial site. Many thanks to Father Paul Hutchins of St Augustine's church who gave a short service and blessing on the day. Thanks to all who came to the annual service and march procession, there was an amazing turnout and a great day for all involved. Next years date has been posted and we look forward to seeing you all again.

Memorial Garden

Irwell valley mining project are happy to announce the is now a small garden in front of the monument stone, we would like to invite everyone to place there own memorial. We ask that you only plant a small plant or shrub so to save room for other. The Memorial is regularly maintained by IVMP and also members of the local community.

Coal mining exhibition

The Last Pit in the valley Exhibition Saturday 21st - 28th September 2013 at St Augustine's church (the miners cathedral), Bolton Road. There was an array of memorabilia, photographs, fossils, videos and even a short play. This much loved exhibition brought generations together under the same roof a chance to learn about what seems to be a forgotten heritage right beneath our feet, Paul Kelly former miner and son of a miner also released a book relating to his personal accounts as a miner.

Release of "The Last Pit in the Valley" book

The last pit is in valley is an unique educational guide to coal mining, written by former miner Paul Kelly. The book is centred around Agecroft colliery, it will educate and remind people of a once thriving mining community in the Irwell valley and the struggle and strife that men women and children alike came across during this era. Paul is a member of the Irwell valley mining project which has recently erected a stone monument at the entrance of Agecroft colliery, and has requested that all proceeds from the book, go back into the project.