Moston colliery was situated on St Marys road, Moston. The pit was connected to the Manchester Rochdale railway line. The coal mine was in production from 1844 -1950, the site is now occupied by the miners housing estate which was built by the National Union of Mine workers for colliers who had worked at the pit. All that remains of the colliery buildings are the bath house and former lamp room, built in 1931 the building was in a bad state of neglect after years of closure. Five years ago Lou Beckett a local artist with help from friends and family set about repairing the former bath house. The building is now home to the miners community arts and music centre. Lou has done a fantastic job saving the building and preserving a unique historical piece of our mining heritage for the future. Lou wishes to build a memorial garden to commemorate the former coal mine and all who toiled at the pit the many miners who died and the injured who lives were cut short from pit work.
There will be a fundraiser on 11th April in order to help raise money to create the garden, please see our events page or for more information.


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