Clifton Hall Colliery was in production from 1838 – 1929 the monument and memorial garden will remember the great disaster of 1885 and remember the coal miners killed and injured at the pit.

On the morning of June the 18th 1885 at 9.20 AM a terrible explosion occurred in the Trencherbone mine at Clifton Hall Colliery, The explosion led to the deaths of 178 men and boys. The youngest boys were Charles Leonard Barter and Robert Worral both aged just 13, the oldest coal miner was Ralph Daniels, aged 65. The mine was connected to Agecroft Colliery which lay Just 800 yards away by an underground tunnel in the doe mine seam. This was very fortunate for the Clifton Hall miners the two shafts had been badly damaged in the explosion and were out of use. Many men were rescued by going through this tunnel and escaping from the Agecroft shafts number 1 and 2. Which were located next to the present day Agecroft Colliery monument.

A monument to the tragedy is already situated in the grounds of St Augustine’s church, where 64 victims are buried in a mass grave.
The new monument and memorial garden will be above the scene of the disaster on the former colliery site.


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